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What conditions can be treated by Kingsnorth Neuro Physiotherapy? 

All neurological conditions are assessed and treated as appropriate, including Stroke (CVA), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's Disease, Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Acquired Brain Injury (Head Injury), Spinal Cord Injury and others. 
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How frequent are the sessions? 

This is tailored to the individual's need. Frequency of treatment may range from a course of intensive rehabilitation (a few times a week), to a monthly session to maintain physical ability. The main aim is to maximise functional ability within the limits of your condition. 
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Do I need a referral? 

We welcome referrals from: 
Clients directly - Relatives/carers - GPs - Consultants - Insurance Companies - Case Managers 
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What is the cost? 

Kingsnorth Physio clinic is set up with a vision to provide care and SMART choices to the patient. updated 1st April 23 
Fees for physiotherapy within Ashford :  
Neuro Initial assessment/ follow up at Clinic (up to 1 hour) £80 
Vestibular Initial assessment/ follow up at clinic (up to 1 hour) £80 
Exercise instructor - available only at clinic ( up to 1 hour) £60 
Initial assessment/ follow up at home (up to 45 min) £120 
Fees for physiotherapy home visit outside Ashford:  
Initial assessment/ follow up at home (up to 45 min) £140 
We take all care to keep the costs reasonable and affordable.  
£15 discount applies when 6 follow-up appointments paid for in advance for exercise instructor class. 
£30 discount applies when 6 follow-up appointments paid for in advance - applies only to 45 and 60-minute home visit follow-ups. 
Neuro-Psychological Occupational therapy costs can vary based on needs and are visits may take longer than 60 minutes. 
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I need help with rehabilitation but I don't have a neurological condition? 

Our physiotherapists have varied experience and highly skilled in dealing with all Neuro Musculoskeletal conditions. Please contact us for further information. We have good network with access to specialist physiotherapists and occupational therapist hence we are able to signpost accordingly. 
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I have been told that my condition is 'chronic', will physiotherapy help? 

Maintenance physiotherapy is aimed at maximising your functional ability and preventing complications or further disability, within the limitation of your condition. 
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What areas do you cover? 

Kingsnorth Physio clinic is based in Ashford, Kent and two Neuro Specialists operating to cover home visits based in Kent & Medway area. Visits are offered within the Clinic and Home visit. 
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My relative lives in a care home, can you visit? 

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