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Kingsnorth Neuro Physiotherapy specialises in offering Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy for Neurological conditions, post surgical rehabilitation for orthopedic conditions, medical conditions, cancer recovery etc.  
At our outpatient clinic in Ashford, Kent or at your home (Domiciliary session). 
We can provide services as a single or package or combination of PT & OT on request and suitability.  
Ideally, our dedicated team provide our services to individuals who require private one-to-one physiotherapy sessions, insurance companies who are seeking for reliable physiotherapists for their clients, extended rehabilitation sessions required by private hospitals, GP's seeking private physiotherapy sessions for patients.  
We currently serve the majority of Kent region and we are here to assist you. We welcome all type of referrals please do not hesitate to contact us and will be pleased to discuss further. 

Our therapists are specialised in... 

Neurological rehabilitation 

We provide specialist rehabilitation for treatment of neurological conditions. Damage to central nervous system (CNS) or peripheral nervous system(PNS) causes neurological conditions. CNS is portion of nervous system including brain & spinal cord. PNS is portion outside brain & spinal cord (eg: sensory organs like eyes & ears). We are specialised in treatment neurological conditions to optimise recovery and provide rehabilitation for Stroke, TIA (Transient ischemic attack), Brain injury (due to trauma or acquired), Multiple Sclerosis, MND etc can be classed as Neurological conditions. We use various highly specialist treatment methods to get the best outcomes. We at our clinic carry out various assessments, spasticity management, gait analysis, balance analysis reports that are used to measure outcomes and design a specialist care plan for treatment combining conventional therapy with other evidence based treatments, Nerve Muscle Electrical Stimulation, neuro gaming & technology etc. 

Vestibular rehabilitation (VRT) 

Vestibular system includes parts of the inner ear and brain that controls balance 
and eye movement. Damage to the vestibular system can cause vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus or hearing loss causing problems related to balance, coordination and gait. Patients commonly describe this loss of function as dizziness. Dizziness may be associated with neurological problems, hearing loss, medications causing ototoxicity etc. We carry out specialist VRT tests eg a Dix-Hallpike maneuver. We use specialist treatment techniques like the epley or semont maneuver for conditions related to BPPV, Vestibular Neuronitis / Labyrinthitis etc.  
Our approach is holistic hence we include gait analysis, balance, coordination treatment in combination to vestibular specific exercises. We are registered with ACPIVR. 

Post operative rehabilitation 

Physiotherapy is typically indicated following a surgery. Physiotherapy may be required from day 1 following your surgery. The most common surgery that requires physiotherapy is spinal, hip, knee and ankle replacement/reconstruction surgery. We aim to optimise ability to perform activities and regain motion, strength and manage pain. We use methods like exercise therapy, Mira rehab, postural correction, nerve muscle stimulation as appropriate to your needs to improve muscle function & activity. 

Functional reconditioning in the elderly 

Functional decline is reduction in physical and/or cognitive functioning. Often this decline can be caused as an after effect of various comorbidities like infection, fall, loss of hearing, general reduction in balance etc leading to a sudden change in activity level. We assess, analyse the limitations and needs of the patient and provide holistic rehabilitation approach to improve quality of life and independence of the patient. We aim to avoid falls, improve confidence, improve posture to enable the patient to regain independence. 

Post cancer rehab 

Cancer can be caused in various locations in the body and can cause related symptoms leading to loss of mobility, strength, balance, coordination, vision, hearing loss etc. Post cancer treatments can be life changing and often physiotherapy intervention is used to maximise recovery and optimise function. We use holistic assessments, combine pain management, fatigue management and cognitive function tests to enhance physiotherapy outcomes. 

'Moving Forward' Exercise instructor 

We recognise, after a stroke, starting to move more can be a massive boost to your recovery, your confidence and your wellbeing. It can also help you stay healthy following a stroke. 
Getting active might be one of your main goals after a stroke, but after you’ve finished therapy and left hospital, how can you carry on the good work? 
Our 'Move Forward' service provides stroke survivors with a 12-week programme of exercise. This is delivered by our qualified specialist ARNI exercise instructor. 
The treatment plan will be led both by a Neuro physiotherapist & ARNI instructor, providing support to make lifestyle changes.  
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