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Recovery to Brain, Spinal cord, Vestibular & Nervous system 
Neurological rehab Treatment of motor function disorders Parkinsons Spinal injury treatment Cognitive assessments Guillain-Barré Syndrome Fatigue management Spasticity management Psychosocial and environmental advice Stroke rehabilitation Multiple sclerosis therapy Vestibular rehabilitation Neurological pain management Bobath therapy Post surgical rehabilitation Post cancer rehabilitation Psychosocial Falls recovery Decreased/ loss of mobility and function Traumatic brain injury  

Effective Therapy Sessions 

At Kingsnorth Neuro Physiotherapy, we carry out a wide range of tests, therapies and treatment sessions. We use quantifiable and evidence based approach that can give best outcomes. We simplify treatments to condition specific, for instance vestibular physiotherapy, Psychosocial occupational therapy, Falls conditioning, spasticity management, and much more. We are a team of passionate, qualified and experienced professionals, and we have a proven record of successfully treating many clients. 
Our sessions will help the client in various areas, such as improving mobility in joints, attaining a good posture, developing fast and effective ways to rehabilitate, and much more. Please get in touch with our team to have an in-depth discussion of the problem you are facing. Our therapist will devise a session custom tailored to suit your specific requirements. 
Quantified tests 
Gait analysis 
Static balance tests 
Dynamic balance tests 
Fall risk Screening and Conditioning 
Vestibular tests 
Concussion Management 
Treatment offered 
Neurological Physiotherapy 
Psychosocial Occupational therapy  
(eg MCBT or Behavioural activation approach etc)  
Speech therapy  
Assisted technology  
MIRA rehab - Exergames 
Electrical therapy 
Game based rehabilitation  
Balance system SD  
Personalised home exercise portals 
woman in rehabilitation
man exercising
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